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Dear Hearts,
It is my pleasure to introduce you to:

Lelama Sjamar and the Empowerment work of her Divine Presence




Lelama is a Multi-Universal Channel from the Higher Planes of Light, who specialises in Empowerment Initiations of the Soul. She travels to Portals and Cities to Activate the Song Lines & Creation Portals and to open people to their Inner Light, Sacred Heart and Divine Empowerment through Sacred Sound and Celestial Activations of the Heart.
Lelama will be visiting Mexico, New York, Paris, Geneva, Portugal, Amsterdam, London, Peru and India this year, if you would like to join her beloveds.  If you are in any of these regions, or can travel to them. I truly hope you are able to meet with her, as it will be a very special experience.
Below is her Itinerary of Events. Please enjoy scanning it for your heart resonance. All my love, Qala Sri’ama




in a sacred city near you…
LELAMA SJAMAR, inspirational Sacred Sound & Light Channel, visionary Spiritual Teacher and Mentor of the Divine University invites you on a special and unique journey, as we travel the songlines around the world with the Ancient Ones, Councils of Creation, Mother Gaia and Yamala Mother of Creation.
For 20 years now Lelama dedicates her life to raising consciousness and igniting the Divine Heart Voice, empowering Souls to live their life in Love, Wisdom, Joy, in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and all beings, through communion with God Source via the ancient practice of sacred sound and singing the Songlines of the Earth and Universe.
We offer the sacred gift of Sound and Light Transmissions, Empowerment Sessions and New Teachings that can assist you to awaken your Heart Voice, ignite your Creative Spirit and stream the sacred flow of divine energy connection into the important creations and relations in your life.









– an evening event


– 1.5 hr personal session


–  1/2 day workshop



AMSTERDAM  26 – 28 AUGUST 2016 

3 days in the light of: ‘Ignite Your Divine Voice – Awaken the New Shaman in You


26 August, 8:00pm – 10:15pm

in co-creation with Laura Shanale Waya

27-28 August, 10:00am – 5:00pm

– Awaken the New Shaman in You

Location: De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, Amsterdam  Contribution: Sonic Stream Cacao Ceremony 22.50 Euro
Ignite Your Divine Voice workshop 190 Euro (or 120 Euro for the Sat only)  Info and bookings: Laura Shanale Waya –
Azuni –  Lelama 06 – 8270 9019  FB: Sonic Stream Cacao Ceremony / Ignite Your Divine Voice


INDIA  30 October – 11 November 2016


30 October – 11 November

Location: Mt Arunachala, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, INDIA
For Retreat info and bookings: 
Please contact: Lelama Sjamar

PERU & BOLIVIA new dates in 2017



Location: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna, PERU and BOLIVIA
For Retreat info and bookings: 
Please contact: Lelama Sjamar









Concert of Blessings

May the blessings fill you and all beings on Earth… waters, mountains, rocks, trees, flowers, animals, critters, the Earth Mother Gaia herself and all her people…

As sounds fill the space, all hearts, bodies and the field in between open, release, transform, and a true state of being is awakened, empowering the intention that is held within a group as a whole, and within your individual soul’s heart dream…

Concert of Blessings is a unique journey of Sacred Sounds of the Earth and Universe, expanding your heart into the infinite Universal Heart to regenerate your connection with the Earth, awaken seeds of light that lay deep within you, and igniting the fire in your belly to empower your creative nature and passion for Life…

All sounds are co-created in the moment, bringing the most profound healing blessings for each Soul present to embody Love.

‘Your voice is like the sound of endless galaxies infused with the most delicate love’ Ahna, 



Concert of Blessings



is a beautifully woven harmonic tapestry of Sacred Songs of the Earth and Stars, offering love blessings and healing frequencies for your Soul through the Divine Voices of Yamala, the Ancient Ones, Angels of Sound, Star Mothers and Fathers and Mother Earth, to remember the divine being you are.

Opening yourself to receive ‘Yamala’s Song’ gives you a deeply loving, authentic and profound experience to remember the true song lines of your heart and soul… where blockages and limitations effortlessly drop away and the original blueprint of your being awakens, allowing your creation energy to freely flow through you again…

Yamala’s Song

Yamala is the Mother of Creation. She holds in her heart and womb the creative power of the Earth. She is the matrix of song lines and creation portals in the Earth and in the Stars, connecting these through conduits of light and sound formed by all embodied souls on Earth.

Yamala weaves her currents of sound through the energy body of the Earth and all beings. Her sacred song brings blessings of divine energy, drawing in the light of God and empowering all of Life. She is the divine voice, the creative nature within us all.

What People Say

Lelama has a deep and pure love connection with the Earth and is called by Gaia now to offer powerful sound activations that open your heart, soul, mind and body to the creation power that lives in the Earth and within your true original essence.

The Harmonic Resonance of your Divine Singing goes right thru the body awakening our cells, mind, spirit and our universal roots. Thank you for being such a gift for the Earth.”  Diana Gazes, international workshop leader and new media creator

The clear purity of Lelama’s angelic tones in haunting radiance tore at the fabric of my soul bright with divine remembrance. Magical earthly beauty, an exquisite moment of sheer artistry and revelation.” Shilea, spiritual teacher and financial adviser.

What will you experience in Concert of Blessings?

You are welcomed into a Temple of Love, to gently lay yourself in the arms of mother Earth and let go… simply being in the moment… (Bring a cushion/blanket/mat for your comfort)

In sweet surrender, you are invited to set an intention to deeply touch your soul, to open to your soul’s truth, the divine within.

Sacred sounds commune and interact with your intention and all energies held in your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, to unravel and harmonize any patterns that no longer serve you in life.


Songs of love open your heart to the unified field of love and oneness. In a sacred Womb in the Earth ancient mothers and fathers sing their love into your cells, your chakras.

In silence and stillness you return to your original blueprint, the true dreaming of your soul.

Elixirs of Light from the Stars and Faery realms awaken remembrance of the essential light being you are, breathing life into the Seeds of Light within you.

Sacred mantras ignite the sacred fire within. Creation energy fills your cells, organs, chakras, empowering a new resonance in all of your being.

In loving gratitude we offer our newly seeded creation to the Earth and all beings. Free to live our dream in passion and empowerment, we celebrate… with love, song and hugs.

You may come out of this journey with renewed energy, awakened gifts and remembrance of the empowered sacred creator being you are.













Lelama Sjamar’s Divine Voice of Presence

With Ancient Ones, Celestial Kin & Yamala Mother of Creation

You are a light beacon for your lineage
A divine voice for a peaceful planet
As you receive you serve All of Creation…

In SONIC STREAM you gently lay down, held in a cocoon of Love to safely give all that you are into the Temple of Reverence in your Heart.

 Sacred Sound & Light Transmissions from the Heart of Mother Earth and the Universal Source sung by Lelama stream into your cells, organs and chakras, spiritually feed you, open your heart + mind and regenerate your body and all of Life. Receive bountiful energy! 

Sonic Stream - Ignite Your Divine Voice Sedona August 2015 for Web
  • Liberate your joyful, loving Soul + energy to create your visions
  • Effortlessly release limitations, blockages and be your genuine self
  • Presence guides the journey into your highest potential here now
  • Sacred Songlines free your divine essence, life force + wisdom

What people experience…

‘SONIC STREAM was ecstatic elation multiplied to infinity’ Graeme

‘I already felt the energy moving through my body before we even begun, such pure crystalline light frequency’ Aum Yami

‘Huge gratitude to you Lelama, for holding such beautiful space and bringing your amazing voice and sound journey alive’ Dean

‘My heart opened and vibrated so much, and sound just welled up’ Ivan

‘Yes, thank you, so grateful to have met you and experienced this powerful magical sound healing. I feel so renewed and back to my core energy again. Beautiful soul you are.’ Donna

‘Within 2 minutes of the SONIC STREAM opening I had amazing visions, and was in deep Delta state of consciousness’ Alistair

Come along to Sonic Stream event held by the DIVINE Lelama Sjamar and be fully engulfed by her DIVINE voice. Come along Peeps and RECEIVE all that you need and more. Last Monday evening I was graced with the opportunity to attend and it was DELICIOUS, NOURISHING, EMPOWERING and ENERGISING! I’ve been taking action all week in the direction of all my HEART desires, and singing while I’m doing it.’

‘Thank you Beautiful Light of Love Lelama! I’ve shifted a lot since last night. I’ve made some deep decision and acted upon them straight away. I gracefully watch this person make these decisions and I found myself going “who is this?” hahah! This is the divine light shining through! Thank you Beautiful Soul! I’m sooooo excited about next week! Pia White


International Sacred Sound teacher LELAMA SJAMAR has 20 years experience of singing Sacred Ancient & Cosmic Languages to open the hearts, minds, bodies and voices of individuals, groups and Earth herself, empowering all to receive the Light of Source and Shine.

Lelama is also available for personal empowerment sessions

facebook-logo1 SONIC STREAM /













Gifts of Sacred Sound

Lelama’s sound is filled with voices of many multidimensional beings of love and light, and in the sacred languages of love, light and creation gifts are carried for all children, all of humanity, all beings. United with the Councils Lelama sings to earth the Holy Flame of a Soul’s Divine Presence. The gifts these Councils share with all who receive the sound transmissions are:

The Ancestral Mothers

Bless all beings to be able to make the journey home into the womb of Mother Earth, to fill up their spirit with divine energy and make a true heart connection with all earth spirits.

The Ancestral Fathers

Sacred prayers, Invocations and blessings to open a soul’s mind to the Truth of Life, that all life is sourced from within, from Gaia’s heart, and release the mind from illusions, distractions and forgetfulness, so life may renew itself through the mind’s surrender into the womb of Mother Earth.

The Voidal Mothers

Activate a being’s heart and soul to receive pure love via sacred sound, so all souls can be unbound of the unknown energies that do not serve them.

The Voidal Fathers

Guide souls to ignite their own heart through sacred sound, to expand their energy and replenish their organs and physical body.

The Inner Earth Templeworkers

Cleanse and purify old aspects of a spirit and soul, attached to the material nature or reality, so the soul and spirit may know both their true spiritual and earthly nature.

The Inner Earth Mothers of Light

Regenerate the spirit and body via sacred sound, by drawing the powerful currents of Mother Earth’s heart essence up into any person or piece of land in need.

The Inner Earth Fathers of Light

Anoint every tree, bird, animal, human, portal, earth spirit with the Sacred Song of Life, activating the unified field to fill all beings, feed them the sacred food and ignite their essence.

Gift of Grace

Sounds of Love that reawaken every child on Earth to their true heart energy.

The Cosmic Mothers of Sacred Sound

Bless the Earth Mother and all of her children by drawing large waves of divine energy from the cosmic portals beyond the Stars to the Earth.

The Cosmic Fathers of Sacred Sound

Activate the planetary portals with the cosmic sound waves and open new song lines on the Earth between these portals and the Stars.

The Universal Mothers of Sacred Sound

Open and activate the spark in the universal heart of a child of God and reconnect their heart to the songlines of the cosmos and earth again.

The Universal Fathers of Sacred Sound

Bless every being with a stream of rainbow rays from the Central Sun, ignited with sacred sounds that activate the Radiance within.














S.A.C.R.E.D Sound Activations Creating Remembrance and Embodiment of our Divinity.

All sounds are co-created in the moment as a gift from the Divine Voice of Source, the Earth, the Universe, weaving the Sacred Web of Creation for the purpose of planetary alignment, empowerment of all beings and remembrance of the Divine within.
In love & oneness…



opening & activating

Lelama Sjamar – Voice
Michael Hammer – Synthesizers

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harmonizing & healing

Lelama Sjamar – Voice
Michael Hammer – Synthesizers

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celestial frequencies of empowerment

Lelama Sjamar – Voice
Michael Hammer – Synthesizers

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Divine Voice

Divine Voice is the Voice of the Earth Mother, the Universe, Presence speaking, singing, creating through us.

Our Divine Voice is a powerful, beautiful and enjoyable current, creating opening, alignment, connection, fulfilment, empowerment, presence and oneness in our life.

Your Divine Voice is…

Your Divine Voice is the sound that embodies and expresses the Love of your Soul, the Light of your Spirit, in your voice and words, in your mudras and movements, in your gestures and actions. Your Divine Voice is your creative power, an instrument through which you create your resonance and experience in life, free yourself to feel loved, peaceful, happy, connected, joyful, be creative, empowered, successful in your personal and professional endeavours, at home in your heart and body in this life.

Your Divine Voice is a sacred expression of the gifts you hold inside and creates through sound waves flowing and communicating, communing with all energy within and around you, with all beings, with the rocks, rivers, waters, creatures, trees, Earth, Stars, the Universe. Your sound is your sacred connection with all in the creation matrix, the sacred web of sound and light vibrations that is the Universe.

There are many octaves of sound, of energy in your Divine Voice, as there are many dimensions in the Language of Love and Light and Creation that you can express with your Divine Voice. Each octave and dimension holds a different power, a different ability to create you to feel, think and experience in a new way, a way that empowers you and others in what you wish to create.

The power of your Divine Voice enables you to create change in the energy in a space, the energy field within and around you. Your Sacred Sound and Language can support you or another person to open, align, release, awaken inside, as well as support energies in the area where you live, in sacred sites on the Earth to transform and awaken.

Your Divine Voice creates…

Your Divine Voice creates a state of flow within your being, where you are no longer influenced by fears, concerns or projections in the mind, yet are free to allow ‘Creation to flow through you’. It is the infinite Universal Earth energy that moves you, your body, your energy… effortless, natural and in synchrony… beyond anything your mind can create for you.

The power of your sacred voice can liberate limited or blocked energies within you. It can assist the healing of physical ailments, balance emotions, and create a centred and calm mind. The power of your sacred sound can open new doorways for you to discover who you truly are, and what your purpose is for being here in this journey on Earth.

Your Divine Voice can deepen your meditation and open your divine connection with the Universe and Earth, with your Higher Self, with your wisdom and unconditional love, as it creates your pure essence to flow like a river through your body and chakras, through your physical and energetic bodies.

The power of your Divine Voice brings all of you present in the moment, brings your energy, your love, your light, your mind, heart, soul and spirit into your body, to flow through your body physically and energetically on the current of sound. These sound vibrations stream through you into the space around you. This supports you to ground as a soul, as well as creates a new wave of energy to birth in the space where you are.

Your Divine Voice in your daily life…

Exploring and expanding your connection inherent in your Divine Voice and Sacred Language allows you to access your power to heal, liberate, expand, create and empower yourself and others to be as we truly are. Creating freedom to be energized, centred, wise, joyful and connected, so you feel a sense of belonging and safety, a knowing of what you are to say, do, be, contribute in any moment, in any situation with any being.

Beginning your day with a practice of allowing the Sacred Sound of your Divine Voice to flow through you will open a doorway for you to experience yourself and your life in a full way. Instead of placing a lot of effort into certain things, or feeling unwilling, simply focussing your intention you can feel energy naturally streaming through you. You may find yourself doing or saying things effortlessly, unexpectedly that you have tried to know or do or say, but haven’t been able to up until that moment.

Using your voice and song while cleaning the house, for example, will create your house to not only be physically clean, but also energetically cleansed of old energies that may have been stagnant there from yesterday, last week or even a long time ago.

With your sacred sound and voice you can cleanse, refresh energies that may be held between you and another person, a project, a community, through the cords of connection that are held between your hearts and chakras, created through the words, deeds, experiences you have shared with each other, in this life or another life. You can create flow in any area in your life.

The power of your Divine Voice is endless!











 Sourced in the ancient rhythms of the Earth and Universe, Divine Voice is your power to be present and create with clear loving energy, that nourishes all Life.
In this one day Creation Journey Lelama Sjamar guides you in an experience of Sacred Sound Activations,
teachings, practices, mantras, meditation, movement and freedom to explore and embody.


 In this one/two day workshop you may:

  • Ignite the creative power of your Voice
  • Empower yourself with the Language of your Soul and Spirit
  • Discover the healing power of sacred sound + align your self to the universal rhythms of life
  • Open the deeper layers of energy and consciousness in your cells, chakras, your connection to the greater field of oneness


This workshop takes you on a journey to explore and reveal the Power of Sacred Sound and Divine Voice within you and your life.
In Day 1 we will assist you to open the flow of divine energy within the chakras, with sacred sounds from the Heart of Earth Mother Gaia,
and the use of special mantras and mudras. Activating the light that is held within opens a stream
of clarity, love, divine energy in your chakras, and in your body, mind and heart, so you may feel more peaceful, balanced,
open, connected, inspired and energised within your self and your life.
In Day 2 of the workshop we will bring the opening of this stream of light and energy in the chakras into a specific creation,
project or relationship in your life, that you would like to feed, nurture and balance to a greater level of union, harmony, empowerment and fulfillment.
We will learn about the sacred laws of the universe that govern the way we co-create our life, as we focus our consciousness and our voice from the inside out.
In joining Lelama in an Ignite Your Divine Voice workshop you are held in a safe and loving space where you may discover how you may access the Sacred Language of your Soul,
the Sacred Sound of the Earth and Universe to:
  • Awaken your Heart Voice for more freedom & love in your expression
  • Balance and align yourself in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit
  • Empower yourself to create your dreams and wishes
  • Create a greater level of harmony and connection in your home, your family, your community
  • Offer a blessing for the wellbeing of another person, an animal, a tree/plant or the Earth herself

A Taste of Lelama’s Transmissions


What people experience…

‘I am delighted to have received such profound healing and insight on so many levels, all in a seemingly little one day workshop. The vibration you choreograph is so sweet and beauty-full, I commend anyone who feels a desire to get connected solidly to their divinity via their voice, to give this work a go!’ Billi Pike, Byron Bay

‘Thank you, Lelama, for all your beautiful singing and sounding and praying, and moving, shaking and expressing ourselves in unconditional love, for this has brightened my flow and given me courage and soft gentle energy to vibrate with my dreaming, gently into this world to trust the happy sounds of life…’ Bridget Griffiths, Byron Bay

‘Moments of real ecstasy, which sit at the highest place of my gratitude list! Finding my way into a new and exciting exploration journey, into my inner world, which is as tangible as an enchanted forest. Your gorgeous presence of humour and gorgeousness has been this until the completion. Awesome!’
Pete, Byron Bay

‘Words cannot express my deep gratitude, for the first time in my life I have embraced ‘my voice’. I was afraid of my voice, afraid of my magnificence, my power. This workshop has shown me how to connect to and embrace and heal that fear. I can’t wait to sing my truth, my voice to the world with an open heart. And I can’t wait to create! Thank you, thank you, thank you!’
Giulia Alafaci, interior design, Sydney

‘Divine Voice is a beautiful way to reconnect with clarity and love in life. Before the workshop I felt disconnected, yet through the experiences, healings, openings and Lelama’s incredibly beautiful voice, I can see forward again, and I feel the creation frequency, which I have not felt for quite some time.’ Rishaan, Sydney Australia

‘I have the mantra on my altar, which I sing into my lower back and shoulders when the muscles tighten up, and it immediately relaxes them. This was my intention for the Creation Journey, and it made a profound difference that I was able receive my own mantra that came to me while still in divine connection. Thanks to the beautiful process that you guided us through. I experienced for myself, the clarity and peace that sounding to my chakras created during the journey.’
Ocha Sheehan, Central Coast

    International Sacred Sound teacher LELAMA SJAMAR has 20 years experience of singing Sacred Ancient & Cosmic Languages to open the hearts, minds, bodies and voices of individuals, groups and Earth herself, empowering all to receive the Light of Source and Shine.


Lelama is also available for personal empowerment sessions  facebook-logo1 IGNITE YOUR DIVINE VOICE /



















An invitation from the Heart of the Mother of Creation to serve the Earth & Humanity and help you ground who you truly are here on Earth.

Yamala, Mother of Creation works directly with the Ancient Ones, who long ago came to the Earth and swore to protect and guard the deepest pockets of sacred light in special areas of the Earth, a sacred journey from one site to another with the power of sound within.
Healing, remembering, awakening takes place, when you sit in a sacred site, a special place, where the light is so concentrated in the Earth, protected and guarded, and you are with a being who has contact with the Ancient Ones and Guardians. For these ones, like Lelama, hold the awareness of how to open the energy doorway into the sacred site’s concentrated divine energy and light.

Whenever a soul makes contact with one of the sacred sites in this way, they are given permission to receive and journey through the energy doorway. There their contact with the Earth spiritually increases. There they make contact with their own ancestral lineage and increase the power of their soul’s light on Earth.
Spiritual contact with Mother Earth is very important for grounding who we are here on the Earth. And the sound opening inside, raises the vibration of our body and energy, opens our energy body, so we can receive what Mother Gaia and the Ancient Ones hold for us in these sacred sites.



‘Beloved Lelama, I love you so much, and I am grateful, deep, deep, deeply grateful that I did this tour in Peru with you. I knew since the beginning it was going to be an amazing training, but this was beyond what I was perceiving before we started. You took us on such an amazing journey full of gifts, empowering us at the top of every one of us. You gave every part of you in this guidance and that makes a huge impact… This trip was full of signs from nature, from life, and embracing us all the time. I love what you create for you, for the guardians, for the places and for all of us.

Thank you, Thank you for being there, guiding us. I am ready for the next one, whenever you feel guided to do it… Thank you for being in my path, for being my teacher, for being this special and wonderful human being. You are an inspiration to me since I meet you. An immense hug from my heart full of love!’

El’Zura, Laura Munoz Mexico















New dates for 2017 coming soon.

In oneness with the Earth Mother and all her realms we open our heart, mind and body to allow the songs of creation to flow through us once more…

The Sacred Journey to Peru is at the request of the Guardians and Ancient Ones who protect the light portals in Peru. They call for the new teachings to ground there and for a group of strong loving beings to represent humanity and receive the gifts back from the Earth that they hold, as they anchor their light into the Earth Mother and ground these new teachings for their sisters and brothers.

If you are guided in your heart to journey to these powerful places in Peru and be guided through the energy doorways to see what Mother Gaia holds for you spiritually, to help you ground who you are truly, and be able to gift this to all in your life, in your world, this pilgrimage is being created for you.

You are welcome on this journey. You will receive more than you can imagine. Listen to your heart and it will guide you to align perfectly in divine order for you with the Earth Mother’s rhythm. You will feel the Earth’s heart beat inside of you, guiding you, if you are one who has already chosen in the spiritual realms to offer your higher service in this way to all beings. God bless you…











Between Sacred Sound & Silence



FROM 30th OCTOBER – 11th NOVEMBER 2016









In oneness with the creator nature of all that is, our soul’s path emerges, spiralling in and out of space and time.
In the silence of eternity we source the songlines that weave the sacred matrix of our life,
here now and always.

In symbiosis with the elements, we walk our true path on Earth. As the ancient wise mountain, a beacon of light, we rise the flame of our ancestors from the Earth into the Holy Waters, a river of prayers embodied in the Tree of Life from where the sacred wind carries the songs of light into every creation in our universe. Songlines weave divine energy from source and earth into every seed of life…

Mahatma, Babaji and Buddha invite a group of loving souls to join them on this Sacred Journey of Sound and Silence with Lelama Sjamar, to ignite the life giving creation power of your Divine Voice, and enhance the life force and lifestream of your being to birth, grow and rebirth your soul’s divine purpose in oneness with the universal cycles of life.

Laying yourself in the heart of the holy mother of creation Yamala and the Ancient Guardian keepers of the sacred portals of light in the ancient land of Mother India, is a profound gift for the Earth and your soul when your heart calls to sing your true songline and embrace your sacred place in the Wheel of Life, in service of All of Creation.

Do you hear the pulse of the Earth and your soul calling you…? Are you one of the strong, loving souls giving your sacred voice to serve the earth by being present in the portals?















Each moment in life a new cycle begins, a breath, a sound births… we are invited to be aware as our river flows, and how this reflects what we truly wish to create. Gently we open our heart to all our moments and give thanks… no matter what occurs, we are here to share love, light, our strength and our creative potential…

You can make a difference, in your life and in the world!



Would you like to walk a loving, clear and empowered path in life?

The three unique sessions Lelama offers, each in their own way, support your Golden River to freely stream, for you to feel empowered and energized, clear and guided, confident and fulfilled, loved and inspired in your heart, mind and body as you create your life path.

Your Golden River of Life is the energetic path that you walk in life, a Universal Sound Current that flows like a river through the centre of your being, and sources in the Heart of the Universe and the core of the Earth.

The Golden River of Life is filled with Sound and Light codes, feeding powerful nourishment and original divine energy into your cells and organs, into your chakras and energy body, into your words, actions, relationships and creations in each moment in your life.


We all at times experience a great sense of empowerment in life, all flows in sync… And at times we can feel unsupported, unclear how to move forward, how to create what we really wish to experience in life…

The universe follows our intentions in life Intention + Sound = Creation

A Golden River of Life Empowerment Session supports you to make a profound and lasting transformation in the core of your being in any area in your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, where you wish for inspiration, fulfilment and empowerment.

In the Empowerment Session you receive powerful Sound and Light transmissions to open your Golden River of Life to flow again through the union of your will with your heart, mind and body, so you may create…

  • Clarity in your intention – communicate and live what you really want to create in life
  • Open your creative power, your divine energy, your Voice – access the power that you hold and direct this to create your intention/vision
  • Liberation of any blockages or karmic energies to synchronize the flow in your creative energy and consciousness – your Golden River
In the Empowerment Session you lay safely in a sacred healing temple. Your Divine Presence, Guides, the Ancient Ones, Mothers and Fathers of Love and Creation come forth to bring you the Sound and Light frequencies, the guidance, practices, mantras, called forth and guided by your intention.

The transformation and awakening is created through Lelama’s sacred sound, light infusions and gentle hands on (physically when Live, etherically when Long Distance).

These gifts support you to unite and align your Heart, Mind, Will and Body to open your receptivity and flow (Feminine Spirit), your focus and direction (Masculine Spirit) and your joy and sense of belonging (Soul).

A Golden River of Life Empowerment Session

is 1.5 – 2 hr long for the exchange of $180. You will receive an audio recording of the session.

Click below to read more The Golden River of Life Empowerment Session


In the Universal Heart of Love we see all as whole, sacred. We simply ask to be shown what is the next step on our path, how we may create this and be supported along the way.

Your Essence session offers inner guidance in the form of channelled messages and blessings for you to connect with the light, creative energy and knowing that live within you, in your original essential connection with Source.

In this session we ‘read’ and enhance the flow of your Golden River/Creation Current through your body, chakras, heart and mind. This supports you to take the next step in your life with effortless, empowered clarity. 

You will receive insights, frequencies, dispensations, blessings of love and light that begin to enter into your consciousness and energy body.

This will liberate limited or blocked energies, so more light and divine energy may move freely through your body, mind, heart and spirit, activating your essence, your Golden River in your life.

You may receive recommendations for new ways of thinking, speaking or using your energy in your daily life. You may also receive a practice or Mantra that will support you to ground new frequencies into your being.

Lelama’s Divine Presence in communion with Yamala Mother of Creation, your Higher Self or Divine Presence, your Ancestors, Gaia and Emissaries/Masters in the Councils of Love, Light and Creation, will speak and sound blessings, messages, frequencies of love and wisdom through Lelama’s Divine Voice channel, a conduit that transfers sound and light transmissions to you.

You may also receive these gifts from within your own heart as you begin to open to the truth and wisdom, creative energy that lives within you.

You are guided into a surrendered, meditative state while held in a sacred Chamber of Love and Communion, so all communication may take place in an open-hearted, open-minded way. This allows you to receive profound energies and messages that you in your every day state of mind and heart are unable to connect with.

‘Your Essence’ Guidance Session

is 1 – 1.15 hr long for the exchange of $120. You will receive an audio recording of the session.

Click below to read more Your Essence Guidance Session


The ‘Sacred Songline of your Soul’ is your personal sound track, a special gift unique for your Soul, to embody your true nature, feeling confident, centred in your heart, peaceful in your mind, connected in your body, and at home in your life.

The Songline of your Soul is a sacred Love song or universal sound current of pure love energy/power that flows through your body into your path in life.

This Songline opens a gateway into the infinite nature of your being and activates your love, truth, divine energy to stream freely according to your soul purpose.

Sacred Sound activations open, cleanse and ignite your energy, your body, feelings and thoughts for you to be able to love and be your natural true Soul Self in your projects, relationships in life, sourced in your divine connection to the Earth and Universe.

The ‘Songline of your Soul’ is a powerful medium to integrate any big shifts or frequencies you have experienced into feeling whole, harmonious and centred again in your new being.

The session may be completed with a short message, when this is relevant for you to receive.

You will receive the ‘Songline of your Soul’ in the highest divine order for your Soul’s journey at the time, sung to and through you, while you lay down and gently surrender in deep relaxation, either Live or via Skype.

Lelama’s Channel and Divine Voice open to your Soul and to many Universal and Earth Beings of Light that support your Soul on your journey in life. Your Songline is offered by all these wonderful beings.

The sound and light transmissions that travel through the song will penetrate your heart, your organs, your mind, your chakras, your energy body and consciousness, so you may receive this song of alignment deeply there where support is called for.

A recording of the ‘Songline’ is sent to you via email. You will be able to listen to your personal sound track again and again…

‘Songline of your Soul’

is a 1 hour journey for the exchange of $100. You will receive an audio recording of the Songline.

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Due to the multidimensional frequency offered in communion with emissaries, masters, councils of Light, Love and Creation, each session can be received Live with Lelama, when you are both in the same space, or Long Distance via Skype/Phone.
You will receive a mp3 recording of the session via email to listen and receive the frequencies and guidance again and to make notes if you wish. A session can be a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one, if you feel they would benefit to receive this support. To book your session email Lelama: 

What people say…

“Thank you so much, Lelama, for being the space and the source where I can metamorphose safely into the true beautiful me. I feel so blessed to have met you. I’m becoming very connected to the universe/spiritual world, more than ever through our encounter. Lots of love…”  Linh Lalich, interior design and property development, Sydney

“What an amazing gift…that words cannot fully describe! I truly feel my life has changed by these sessions from you. My every cell is humming in synchronicity, full of life and creativity. My body feels light and free, having released all burdens and worries of my large projects in life, filled now with a golden river of creation, so I am able to walk forward without blockage, free in my energy. When you moved my body, my whole universe was touched beyond time space and dimension.  This is God’s work, truly powerful…priceless to me.”  Qala Sri’ama, Founder of The Divine University, Spiritual teacher

“Dearest Lelama, from my big open heart, thank you for an amazing journey. I feel so humbled for the incredible consciousness you beautifully guided me to bring through into the physical. What unfolded for me was an incredible truth and power, my third shift and deep initiation in a row through the sessions!”  Mary Clarke, legal consultant, Sydney

“You provided me with so much loving insights to the challenges I’ve faced and questions I have had during the sessions.  I’m so grateful for the wisdom you have imparted with me.  Each session bestows sacred healing vibrations.  Every time I play the recording, I get a different insight into a part of my heart.  I will definitely continue on this path and I hope to take more classes with you in the future.  Thank you, Lelama!  And thank you Councils of Light for such a wonderful gift!”  Belinda Gonzales, Presentation Specialist, New York

“Ahhh thank you so much, there is so much going on and I am just present with it with a big smile on my face… it feels so beautiful and I can really stop now whatever ì was doing… Stop fighting I guess, I have to… I have to… I know that one so well and what a great gift to feel the surrender and the joy that fills the space immediately. Love you for all your amazing gifts, dear friend – what a session! I am in awe ;-)”  Henriette Berndt, owner/founder of Trainingsburo Levenskracht, Netherlands

“The presentation went really well – I’m very surprised to how well your session worked – I can’t thank you enough!”   Lauren Campbell, Sydney
















Lelama Sjamar

is a spiritual teacher who has direct contact with the Councils of Light, with the holy Mother of Creation Yamala, through many visions given to her by the Holy Spirit. She has dedicated her life to birthing new teachings for humanity’s empowerment, to be present with all in one’s life, through re-contacting the ancient practice of communion with God through sacred sound. Over 20 years Lelama has discovered the vibration of the human energy field receives the light of God through opening the divine voice and pure sacred sound of the Higher Self. Her mission is to seed the new teachings through the sacred sites of creation and the hearts of all beings. These new teachings come from advanced star systems and Lelama is aided by higher light beings to assist her fellow humanity to empower themselves to transforming the inner energy and consciousness of self.

Lelama’s Divine Voice of Presence

Wherever Lelama’s sound travels, in this place the Earth’s creation matrix is ignited and the portals are restored, reactivated and opened. The sacred sound Lelama brings forth comes from the inner heart of Gaia as Gaia is one with her in all tones, words, feelings, blessings, honourings, thoughts, and all of Lelama’s sound frequency.” Qala Sri’ama

Lelama offers her heart and voice to you as:
• Mother of Sacred Sound and Creation,
• Teacher and guide with the Power of Sound
• Emissary of Love and Wisdom
• Sound and Light Healing Channel for Gaia & Yamala
• Keeper of the Creation Matrix of Earth and Humanity

Lelama taps into the sacred sound currents and healing powers of the Cosmic and Universal Realms, the Galactic Federation of Healers, the Celestial Star Portals, Shamballah, the Ancestral Realms and the heart and portals of Earth Mother Gaia via her divine connection with Source.
Lelama offers her voice and sacred sound to activate Earth Mother’s divine energy, and support the global journey of planetary alignment and empowerment for all beings.

After sharing her love and frequency in concerts and tours internationally with Michael Hammer in the period from 2001 – 2004, Lelama has since 2005 focussed her gift of sound to support others in opening their heart and voice to the true resonance of their Soul and Spirit’s gifts, through workshops, training and personal empowerment sessions. Opening oneself to the sacred resonance of Love, Inner Light, Empowerment and Creative Power are keys in Lelama’s Sacred Sound and Creation work.  Read More about Lelama

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